Real-time simulation for additive manufacturing

Still spending hours for simulation? ExLattice predicts distortions in metal printing instantaneously. With our proprietary simulation engine, we help AM designers & engineers accelerate their workflow.

Real-Time for the 1st Time

Faster, Faster, and Faster. Additive manufacturing simulation is not a matter of hours or days anymore. With the ExLattice advanced simulation engine, designers & engineers can receive simulation insights within several minutes on their laptop. By leveraging advanced methods, parallel computing, and our proprietary tech, we build a simulation software dedicated to speed that is

  • 100x faster than the traditional simulation methods
  • Capable of running on a medium-level laptop

Use ExLattice to simulate as many AM design iterations as you want for a better 3D printed part. Time allows.

Check Risk of Printing Issues

Don’t take chances on your actual printing. Failed prints and parts are costly and wastes of time. ExLattice software can help you evaluate the potential risks of common printing issues with no requirement of simulation expertise. While designing, you will be well informed by our simulation software on those ‘red-flags’ in metal printing:

  • Support structure failures
  • Large deformations
  • Recoater contacts
  • Shrink lines

Know your risks before printing with ExLattice, and keep the trial & error in your computer. Print first time right.


Enable Design Beyond Limits

Additive manufacturing should be invented for design freedom, not another layer of compromising. Design for additive manufacturing is expertise-intensive and time-consuming. ExLattice can arm you with the most advanced automatic tools and free you from chains of ‘worries’ for additive manufacturing. Our next-gen simulation-driven design tools can automatically optimize the pre-processing setups for your part designs and preferences, including

  • Optimized orientation search for printing quality, time, and cost
  • Customized lattice support structure generation
  • Processing parameters suggestions (in development)

Focus on your part design and let us take the other heavy lifting. Don’t settle. Transcend!


The ExLattice Vision

ExLattice is developing the next-generation engineering software for metal additive manufacturing that is intelligent with real-time feedback.

Our mission is to equipped AM engineers with the most advanced tools to better leverage metal AM with an accelerated workflow. ExLattice is founded by a team of PhDs and we are building the cutting-edge metal AM research knowledge into advanced software. Our breakthrough fast simulation engine open up possibilities of generative design solutions and real-time design feedback. We believe the future of AM workflow is highly automatic empowered by the advanced computational algorithms and engineering knowledge built-in of the software.